New DMV Requirements Puts A Small Bump In The Road For Googles Self Driving Car

This year has been a big year for Google. The search giant has been hitting us with all sorts of amazing products. One product in particular has caused people to sit back and wonder what age of technology we are in. That product we are talking about is Google's autonomous car. The unveiled new piece of technology this year as the first ever self driving car. From interviews, to articles, Google says that they see a world where we no longer have to drive anymore. Well that goal that Google is trying to reach has hit a snag because the DMV has stepped up to the plate to put a few requirements on Google's self driving car.

As you already know, Google's self driving car drives on its own. You do not need an operator to drive the vehicle. Since the car doesn't need anyone, the car also doesn't need a steering wheel and gas pedal. With the self driving car being new, the DMV has placed one requirement on the car. Reported by the Wall Street Journal, taking effect on September 16, Google's self piloted car will require "immediate physical control" of the vehicle if needed.  This new requirement means that all of Google's self driving cars will need a steering wheel and pedal. According to a Google spokeswoman Courtney Hohne "With these additions, our safety drivers can test the self-driving features, while having the ability to take control of the vehicle if necessary." With a small bump in the road, Google plans to comply with the new requirement that has been added by the DMV.

Google is going to have a fleet of 100 prototype Google Cars with governed speeds of 25 mph. The reason for the slow speed is to reduce any injury or damage if the vehicle were to wreck. But not only does Google have cars, they company has created trucks and motorcycles that they wish to test. Director of Safety for Google's car project, Ron Medford, asked the California DMV for permission to test there other autonomous vehicles but they refused. "We wanted to take baby steps in terms of testing and how technology is rolled out so we are capable of handling it and Californians accept it," said Bernard Soriano who is a top official putting together the rules.

Google has a long way before they can get there self driving vehicles to actually be autonomous cars. These are only the beginning stages of something big, and Google will do whatever needs to be done to get their product out there in the hands of customers for a safe and enjoyable experience.


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