New Data Reveals That Facebook Is The Most Used App In The United States


When it comes to our handsets, we have a ton of different apps that we use. Some of them we use more than others. According from new data released by comScore and charted by Statista, shows the top 10 apps used in the United States. The information isn't too surprising, the big tech companies of Silicon Valley are topping the charts and one app are particular is number one.

The Social network facebook is enjoying fame and sitting on the number one spot of the top 10 apps. The chart is based off of unique visitors and leading by a landslide is facebook with 115.4 million visitors in the month of June. Following the social network are a bunch of Google owned apps. Coming in at 83.4 million unique visitors is YouTube. Following YouTube is the search giants next big hit, Google Play, with a whopping 72.2 million visitors. Still sitting on the list is another Google owned app which is their search app with a total of 70.2 million visitors. Now finally getting a break from Google, Pandora shows up at number 5 on the list with 69.0 million visitors. But directly under Pandora are two more Google owned apps which are Google Maps with 64.5 million and Gmail with 60.3 million visitors. Facebook owned Instagram has made the list with 46.6 million and rounding off the top 10 list are Apple Maps and Yahoo! Stocks which both come in at 42.1 million.


Its no questions that these big companies are raking in billions from these unique visitors. What makes this top 10 list funny is that there are only 5 companies sitting on the list. Facebook, Google, Pandora, Apple, and Yahoo! are the only ones that have made it on the list, and only two of the companies have multiple apps.  Google in particular with 5 apps that made the list with millions of users. That data shows so crazy numbers and according to Business Insider "Interestingly enough, people use these apps so often that nearly 2 out of every 3 smartphone users fail to download a new app each month." Insane right?


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