New 2200mAh Battery Case For Samsung Galaxy S5, May Be Thinnest Battery Case Yet

PowerSkin S5Case


Some cases have a spare battery built in to help boost the amount of time you can use your device. However, one of the biggest complaints about them is the size they add on to the back and sides of any phone that you use them with. Samsung Galaxy S5 owners don’t have to worry about that with a new power case from PowerSkin. The new case is rightfully called  the PowerSkin Spare Battery Case and the size of the case alone is what makes it worth checking out. The Spare Battery Case is available in four different colors, and aim to match the design of the Galaxy S5 in white, black, blue, and gold. The case will add an extra 2200 mAh of battery which could amount to about 230 hours of standby time and 12.5 hours of talk time. While the power in the battery makes it seem like it would be a large case, it actually only weighs 80 grams.

The case also has plenty of other features that are noteworthy, one of which is the indent space used to fit the cover for the charging port on the S5. Spare Battery Case uses specifically made channels to allow heat out from inside, so when your device is charging and heating up, the case won’t entrap the heat. The front of the case also has LED lights on the front bottom of the case. These LEDs are used to indicate charging, which works very efficiently as well.

The case takes advantage of tech called XPAL. XPAL helps the case prevent short circuiting or even over charging. Using pass-through charging, the case will allow the device to charge first, then once the device is full, the case will charge. One of the most interesting features of the case, is the material used to make it. PowerSkin has decided to make the case with a flame retardant UV coating. This could be due to the history devices are starting to gain with third party accessories and flames, or just an extra precaution, either way, it’s nice to know PowerSkin is thinking of the consumers safety. The case will be available for £59.99 and will be shown off at IFA in Berlin coming up soon.