Motorola Doubles Smartphone Sales Year-Over-Year

Motorola NJF 1

Here’s some good news for Motorola. It looks like they have indeed doubled their smartphone sales year-over-year. Now remember this time last year, the  Moto X, Droid Ultra, Droid Mini, Droid Maxx and Moto G were not available. The Droid line and Moto X were announced, but not on sale just yet. According to ABI Research, Motorola sold 8.6 million smartphones in Q2, that’s up from 6.5 million in Q1, and up over 100% from the Q2 2013 numbers. Motorola still isn’t in the top 5 smartphone vendors – which is lead by Samsung and Apple obviously – this has marked a huge turnaround for the company, and one they drastically needed.

Now obviously their biggest seller, the Moto G has definitely helped them with this turnaround. As Motorola hasn’t been shy in stating that the Moto G has been their best selling smartphone of all time. Which shouldn’t be a surprise and here’s why. Every smartphone before last year, was an exclusive, and Motorola was basically non-existent outside the US before the Moto G. They had the Droid line on Verizon, the Photon line on Sprint and the Atrix line on AT&T, all exclusives. So it makes sense that the Moto G is their best selling smartphone of all time.

According to Ben Wood of CCS Insight:

“As the market for flagship smartphones has softened and a lot of people are looking at buying devices without a contract, Motorola’s Moto E and G seem to have really captured the moment,” 

I have to agree with him here. A lot of people are not looking to get another contract when they buy a phone. And a lot of them just want a phone that works. They don’t need all the extra features and “gimmicks” that a lot of flagships have. How many of you have bought a Motorola device in the past year? Let us know in the comments below.