Could The Motorola XT1112 Be The Motorola Nexus Phone?

There has a been a couple of new pieces of Nexus news today, which is always great to stumble upon, but the two previous Nexus stories we reported on pertained to the HTC nexus tablet believed to be launching later this Fall before October 9th. What about the next Nexus phone though? Some say that Motorola will be the OEM behind that device, and that may very well be the case, as the reference name Shamu has popped up a couple of times already in  recent weeks and as we stated in our previous Nexus post about the tablet, we all know how Google loves to refer to their devices with names of fish. Generally the names are based off of fish types, and not the actual names of certain fish, and further more Shamu is the name of an Orca whale, which isn't even a fish but you get the point. Shamu keeps with Google's theme of aquatic sealife being the reference names for their Nexus devices.

Now, the latest about the Shamu device that we still know so little about, comes in the form of a listing on the import/export site which lists the model number of a device as the Motorola XT1112. Why would we think that the Motorola XT1112 could possibly be the Shamu(or Nexus device)that we've been talking about for weeks? Because the listing on Zauba also displays the device as "shamu phones (prototype) (for demo purposes)" before the Motorola tag and the model number.

This is certainly not hard evidence of anything more than the fact that there seems to be a prototype device going through the site titled SHAMU, and that Motorola seems to be the OEM behind the device, but also keep in mind that this could be incorrect. Make note of this and keep it in your mind but don't take this as the end all be all in proof. Other Motorola devices have the letters "XT" as the beginning part of their model numbers too, so there's that to go on as well, but once again until more detail comes to light about this "Motorola XT1112" simply make a mental note(or a physical one of you really feel like writing it down)about this and hold onto it for later.

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