Motorola And Verizon May Have A New Droid Coming In The Future

Motorola will be busy from now until the end of the year it seems, and today adds another device onto the company's still-growing list of 'to-be-released eventually' devices for the end of this year.  Today's device is not really a device at all, it's more of a set of numbers and a regulatory form, but it's still something, right?  Let's get straight to what we've got for you today then.  XT1254. That's the model number or development name for the new device.  That comes along with a leaking-out of some CPU-Z screenshots from a device, whose model is also XT1254.  But with the screenshots, sent in to Android Authority over the weekend, we also got a name, or label, which read quark_verizon.  With the screenshots, we got to see something new about a device that is largely a mystery, especially compared to the ever-popular and alleged Moto Nexus phone that has been popping up everywhere recently.  Note though, this is NOT the Moto Nexus.


What the device is, is astounding and exclusive. The inclusion of Verizon in the name of the device makes many think this will be the special version of the Moto Nexus, but it won't be.  Look at the screen resolution.  See the full QuadHD, 2560 by 1440 pixel listing?  That would be less, somewhere around 2392 by 1440, if this were the Moto Nexus.  How do we know?  Nexus have on-screen keys, and this one explicitly does not.  That leads to the exclusive remark from earlier.  Verizon and Motorola's DROID line of devices have been exclusive to Verizon for as long as they have existed, and they historically have had capacitive, off-screen keys for the home, back and menu/recent apps part of the Android software they have loaded onto them.

Next, to continue the "Verizon-ness"(can we make up new words like that?),we have the internal storage and RAM.  Motorola's DROID family of devices is not known to be light on the skinning of stock Android unlike the Moto family of devices of yesteryear (and September, if anything is to be believed or true).  The DROID family have had, for a long while, heavy skins and aesthetic alterations done to vanilla Android to create an interface for the device and Verizon, and it shows in those numbers.  The total RAM is likely 3 GB, but due to various 'features' and add-ons to Android, the RAM is less than half of that number.  Next, there is internal storage and usable storage.  23.63 GB would make about 32 GB of total empty space on the device sound right, and the 23.22 GB usable makes me think that the /system partition is rather sparse this time, giving the user almost 100% of the storage at their disposal.

The name of the new Motorola device is also intriguing.  The device labels itself the quark, but what does that mean for anyone outside of Verizon and Motorola? What do we know about the name, or what it means?  Intel has a line of processors called Quark, and they're used often for lower-priced and lower-powered wearables, neither of which the XT1254 is.  So it could mean Intel, but that is unlikely if not impossible, since the CPU-Z readout has the processor as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 running along at a hefty 2.65 Ghz across its four cores.  We see that it's got the new Adreno 420 GPU, seen with the newer iterations of recent flagships alongside the 805. What does all this even add up to though?  A model name/number/thing, a set of specifications bearing the same label, and showing both in label and 4G LTE iconology the Verizon service of it?  It means we have a DROID something coming our way for Verizon.  We don't know the name, in any way really, except the XT1254, and that is a much higher number than any of Motorola's current smartphones on any network.  The XT1254 will be an interesting device to hear further developments with and on, so look forward to anything regarding this mysterious device.

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