Motorola Moto G2 Release Later This Year: 5-inch Display, 8MP Camera, 8GB of Storage and More

AH MotoG 2

Frugal but wise smartphone users take heed, there is speculation that Motorola may be releasing the successor to the first phone in its G line of smart handsets. Sure, this speculation arises from an entry detailing in short, the phone’s anticipated specifications in a sales database , but that most often seems to indicate a release will indeed happen, and, according to sources, that should be around the middle of August with the price coming in at right under $300.

For the price, the Moto G had a decent set of features, but it looks like Motorola may have taken what little there was to complain about to heart and reached across the aisle in an effort to appease a staunch jury of smartphone owners by offering a few upgrades that we’ll go into a little detail about.

According to the published specifications, they’ve upgraded the camera on the G2 to 8 MP, 3 MP more than the Moto G which featured a 5 MP camera that did 720p video.

The screen size has increased by about an inch from the Moto G, meaning a full 5″ screen (No resolution specifications yet).

It looks like internal storage is at 8 MB, but a micro-SD slot looks to be a standard offering, instead of a pricier option as it was previously in this line so increasing the ability to store thousands of extra pictures taken with the improved camera at the same cost is a possibility.

Things that remain the same from the Moto G: a 3G radio (though, like the Moto G,  a Moto G2 LTE might be a later possibility), CPU, still a 1.2 Ghz quad core, and the  dual SIM capability, which is great for those who travel internationally and need to juggle phone numbers at home and abroad. Having an economical phone with the features of the Moto G2 that can handle dual SIM cards would be a boon, since there aren’t a lot of similar options for dual SIM phones.

The market for this phone may be mainly current Moto G owners and those ready to enter into the smartphone user arena at a lower cost than many of Motorola’s competitors, but those consumers would get a decent feature set at a low cost and be comfortable knowing that the phone carries the Motorola name, one known by many for durability and stability.

Speculation aside, we definitely know that a new Moto G series phone will be out this year. Let’s hope this minute database entry becomes a phone fitting the bill, something that shows a willingness to improve an already pretty solid handset offering.