Rumor: Motorola Said To Launch 8 New Phones Before The Christmas Season

AH Motorola Logo 1.0

With Motorola poised to be releasing the Moto 360 here soon,(believed to be in the coming weeks with September 5th as the highly speculated date)there’s a lot of attention being focused on Motorola to bring the same experience to the wearables scene as they did with smartphones in the Moto X, Moto G and Moto E devices from last year. The Moto 360 is not the only device that we’re apparently to expect from the once Google owned company though, as there have been leaks and reports to suggest other devices as well like a Motorola branded Nexus(if true, FINALLY!)a device seemingly codenamed Motorola Shamu or otherwise Moto S, and the much anticipated Moto X+1 that we’ve been hearing about for months on end now. There’s also the Moto G2 that is expected, and more recently we have seen some leaks that point to possible new Motorola Droid devices potentially landing on Verizon as well as the Moto X Play. Take everything in here with a huge grain of salt, as they’re all rumors at this point, but speculating can be fun so we can at least talk about the possibilities.

That last bit is to be expected, as Verizon has long been known for the exclusive “DROID” line devices on their big red network and why should it ever change? The interesting thing is that rumors state that is exactly what might happen, with AT&T being the potential carrier to pick up all three future Droid devices alongside Verizon, although under a different branding. That would in effect still keep the Droid name or brand itself exclusive to Verizon. The Droids rumored to launch next from Motorola are the new Droid, Droid Maxx, and the Droid Turbo.

What might perhaps be the most compelling piece of information about all of these new devices coming from Motorola is that they’re said to be getting released before Christmas. That’s eight total new devices in the form of new Motorola phones, and we can bump that up to nine devices if you count in the Moto 360 smartwatch running Android Wear which is like we stated above, suggested to be getting a launch date of September 5th or soon there after. For us, the most exciting devices to learn about will be the Moto 360, the Moto Nexus(once again if true)and the Moto Shamu(moto S), because the name just makes it sound intriguing. Take all of this information as you will, but as we enter into the Fall season some more details may begin to line up.