Leak Suggests The Moto 360's Battery Could Potentially Hold A Charge For Over 2 Days

Smartwatches are still kind of a niche product. Yes, we have a different platforms to choose from and everything, but people still haven't adopted smartwatches as they should. Android Wear is the latest smartwatch OS (Operating System) we've seen announced and it's promising. Android Wear is simply not there just yet, but that's just fine, it's still new and we believe that with time it will evolve. With the evolution of Android Wear and other smartwatch platforms like Pebble for example, people are sure to come around knocking and all of the sudden we'll see tons of smartwatches out on the streets. The process will be kind of similar to smartphones in my honest opinion.

Anyhow, we've seen two Android Wear smartwatches launched thus far, the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. Both of these watches are currently available, but I'd bet most people are waiting for Motorola's infamous Moto 360 smartwatch which just can't seem to find its way out of Motorola labs and onto the market. Motorola did announce the Moto 360, well, sort of. We don't know many details about the watch, Motorola kept most of it a secret despite the fact they talked about the watch for 22 minutes as part of a "It's Time: Meet Moto 360" hangout. We do know what the watch will look like and that it will sport inductive charging, quite probably the Qi standard. We also know that Android Wear is the OS of choice here, however Motorola didn't share much more than that besides a leak here and there.

Italian blogger Luca Viscardi allegedly has access to a prototype Moto 360 smartwatch, he did show us Moto 360's charging cradle and a bunch of other images in a recent leak. If he is to be trusted, Moto 360 will have two and a half times better battery life than the current Android Wear offerings. Considering Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch are capable of getting you through a day even if you're a heavy user (presuming you're not deliberately trying to drain it), this should mean Moto 360 will be able to keep going for 2+ days! If this is true, it would be really awesome and it would actually make a great ad for Motorola. Many people are extremely annoyed with the battery life on today's mobile devices, whether we're talking smartphones, tablets or smartwatches. This wouldn't exactly be on par with Pebble, but considering the colored touch screen is in question here and a completely different Google Now-powered OS, I believe people would be more than happy if Moto 360 manages to keep a charge for over 2 days.

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