Meta Aims To Turn Heads With Their Upcoming Meta M1 Smartwatch

Smartwatches are coming out of the woodwork like crazy as the year continues and Meta, a company that used to be known by the name of MetaWatch is coming out with their latest offering soon(which you can pre-order by the way)called the M1, and it has a certain flare to it that so far none of the other options have been able to provide, at least when it comes to the style factor. The Meta M1 arguably won't be the type of device you should look for if you want bright vibrant displays on your smartwatch with lots of colors or you want it to perform all sorts of tasks and carry multiple functions and capabilities. It is however something you should consider if you're wanting a smartwatch that can provide you with notifications and will look sleek and stylish while wearing it.

The Meta M1, besides having a rather unique look to it, comes in multiple colors and style options all ranging in price and starting at $249. Once again, this is a smartwatch that is going to have less functionality than some of the other options you will find out there, but the materials and design are premium and there will undoubtedly be less of these worn around than the Gear 2 or the Moto 360 when it launches, so the nicer styles will come along with a bit of exclusivity. The design speaks high end, to a degree, and sends a message that the wearable you chose to slip onto your wrist is not just another device that you're connected to, but also a fashion statement of sorts. The designs were also handled by Nokia and Vertu designer Frank Nuovo, so you can see why the prices are what they are. Part of it comes from the hand crafted design and expertise from someone who specializes in this kind of thing.

You'll be able to grab the Meta M1 in seven different styles, starting at $249 and going up to as much as $399, depending on the type of band and watchface you pick. The different styles are categorized into different tiers, with M1 Color, M1 Core, and M1 Limited, and as you can probably guess the Limited set of styles is the most expensive. They're also the most unique looking and will definitely catch some people's attention. All the devices will ship starting in October, so if you want to get your hands on a pair you can head to the Meta Website to place your pre-orders.

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