Love Groot from Gaurdians of The Galaxy? Grootify Your Android With This Xposed Framework Module

If you're a Marvel comics fan and love the character known as GROOT which is a major character both in the comics and in the new Marvel movie, Guardians of The Galaxy, then you might like this new Xposed module called "I am GROOT". First off, in order to install this application you need to have a rooted android device. Then you have to install the Xposed framework which only takes a couple seconds. Finally, you will have to install the net.mitch.xposed.GROOT_v2_b517b6.apk which is a module to be used with the Xposed Framework. If you aren't interested in rooting your device then I doubt that you will be able to take advantage of this app. If you are curious as to what it does anyway and what the Xposed Framework can do for you then keep on reading.

The best part about using the Xposed Framework is that it might be all you need in order to gain many features that you can only get on custom ROMs. Once you have this app installed there really might be no need to go any further and gain things such as S-off, an unlocked boot loader, a custom recovery or the like. Root access, the Xposed Framework and corresponding modules are all that you need to get many features such as changing the default bland background that is the Holo theme to anyone you want, changing the wallpaper in the notification area, controlling the dpi of your phone or even specific apps, patching the recent fake ID security hole and many more, all without the bugs that you might find in a custom ROM. If you find that one or more of the modules is performing incorrectly then you can simply uninstall the misbehaving module and maybe even find one that performs the same or similar function. The stock ROM on my device is rock solid and I don't really want to dive into custom ROMs at all right now as I find the whole process of finding a very stable ROM time consuming. You also now run less of a risk of bricking your devices as well since there are less risky steps involved. It should also be really easy to return your device to stock since you aren't touching the bootloader. Just simply disable all the modules which is done simply by unchecking all the boxes in the modules section of the Xposed Framework app and then uninstall the Xposed framework, undo root access and you're done. It is extremely simple and should take only a minute.

The "I am GROOT" module is a very simple app but its changes dig very deeply into the OS. There are a couple pictures below of how far this application's tweaks can go. One of the features of this module is to play three sound snippets from the movie when certain functions are performed. Pressing any button on the navbar will play one of three lines by the GROOT character which is voiced by Vin Diesel. These include two different "I am GROOT" sound snippets  and another one that simply says "GROOT". The same thing happens when the device's screen locks by itself and when the device is unlocked. As seen in the pictures below, the module also has the ability to rename every app that is displayed on your home screen, app tray and folders on your home screen to simply "GROOT" or I AM Groot. It also replaces text in your widgets to "I am GROOT" or simply "GROOT" if the area is too small. The app can also replace text fields and items on a keyboard to "I am Groot" as well so be careful because this will prevent you from entering your password unless that is your password. So, are any of you enjoying this module or even better, did any of you root and install Xposed Framework and this module in order to hear "I am Groot!"?



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