Lottolotto is a New App Designed to Organize Your Lotto Tickets – Scan, Track and Notify

August 5, 2014 - Written By Cory McNutt

If you’re like me, you grab a couple Lotto tickets, shove them in your pocket – or worse throw them in the center of the console  or in a junk drawer in the house – and sometimes you don’t remember to check them for weeks.  You keep saying to yourself, “There must be an app for that!”  Up until now, there have been apps that will allow you to check your ticket by looking at you ticket and then back again at your app, but you still have to remember to check them, one-by-one.  Finally, there is a new app, Lottolotto, that helps you manage your apps from the time you buy your ticket until you win the big prize.

Ola Danilina, CEO and founder of public relations firm, PMBC Group, says, “Lottolotto has assembled a team of top gaming, lottery and tech industry experts, and we are excited to position the company and its leaders as innovators, bringing the lottery system into the modern digital age.”

Lottolotto is an app that allows a user to take a picture of their lottery ticket with their smartphone or tablet and Lottolotto will identify the lottery game, drawing date, ticket number and will provide instant results for past drawings and notifications for future drawings.  If you are part of a Lotto Pool at work or among friends or neighbors, you can share the results with the other users via an email notification.

Lottery retailers benefit as well – by reminding you to buy a ticket, they will actually sell more tickets with your repeat business. The app will also show you Lottery retailers wherever you are located, based on geotracking.

Brett Jacobson, CEO of Lottolotto says, “Lottolotto makes playing the lotto convenient and fun while generating revenue for retailers by driving customers into the store.  By strategically partnering the biggest names in tech, lotto and venture capital we have accomplished what no other lotto platform has been able to achieve.”

The Lottolotto app uses cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to read information on your tickets.  Simply take a picture of your lottery ticket and let the app do the rest.  Tickets are tracked in real-time and will immediately notify you if you win as soon as the lotto drawing is done.  Unlike some lottery apps, Lottolotto supports lotteries in all states as well as the District of Columbia.  How many times have you found a pile of older tickets to go through – no problem with Lottolotto, just take a picture of each ticket and the app will let you know if those old tickets are worth a bundle of cash.

I am not very lucky when it comes to winning the lotto, after all, I am writing this review and not out my yacht sipping an umbrella drink with rum and pineapple, but Lottolotto will make it a whole lot easier to check my losing tickets – and finally, a little more fun…pick it up HERE and have some of your own fun, and good luck!