Line Messaging App Wants To Grow Their Popularity Stateside

No matter what your favorite messaging app is, chances are that you could potentially be swayed to try another one. Either by a family member or by your best friend who swears this new messaging app that he's(or she's)been using is the best one out there and you and all your other friends should switch. Despite what you think about the messaging app you already use though, another one is poised to draw you in and compete for your loyalty. Line, is a messaging app that has been around for some time in plenty of regions and just like many other messaging apps out there, you can send messages to friends for free as long as you have data. Line isn't new here in the U.S. but it is nowhere near as popular here as it is in its home country of Japan.

Line, unlike most other chat apps is probably the most widespread in terms of features. Instead of focusing on just one thing or a couple of different functions, Line seems to have taken bits and pieces of inspiration from various popular chat applications and combined them all into one. It's most memorable and perhaps most popular feature however might be its large selection of stickers that Line implies you can use to literally have an entire conversation. The Line mascots we'll call them, are recognizable far and wide in Japan and are part of what has made them more popular than anyone else. Line thinks they can bring that same level of popularity over to the U.S. although they have some pretty heavy competition from other chat apps here like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

Line offers more than just stickers that portray just about every single emotion we can conceive, it lets users make free calls and use video chat, and brings in similar features that can be found in other popular apps like a private photo feed, and messages that disappear after so much time. Line is cross platform and works on basically any other mobile smartphone OS too, so whether your friends use Windows phone, Blackberry, or iOS, Line has a compatible app on every platform so everyone can chat together. Line is more than just messaging though, they've become a well known brand in Japan, where you can find throngs of their merchandise all over, modeled after the cute cast of characters that makes up their entire sticker line that can be picked up in-app. It's this sort of mass marketing itself as more than just an app that has made it grow so large. Whether Line will blow up just as huge here in the states as they have in Japan remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, the app does offer some compelling features.

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