LG Once Again Tease the G Watch R in Facebook Post

August 27, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

These days, it’s pretty clear that technology gets people excited, and there’s no better way to get people even more excited than to keep on building the hype. It seems this is the route that LG is taking with their new G Watch R, a circular smartwatch they’re announcing next month in Berlin. In their latest teaser, the company has taken to their Facebook page, letting us know that during IFA next month, smart will be coming full circle. We’re given another little look at the watch itself, but no more than that.

Coupled with the other small, tantalizing teaser we were given over the weekend, it’s clear that LG is trying to keep a few secrets up their sleeves. Just what they are however, remains to be seen. With LG and Motorola to release circular Android Wear watches – and Samsung rumored to follow suit – it begs the question as to just what’s going to happen to square watches like the G Watch and the Gear Live. Will manufacturers be pushing more of these circular devices and forget about the square, more digital options? Personally, I’ve always preferred square watches, with the classic Braun designs from Dieter Rams being my favorite, but a circular watch certainly sounds more natural and will appeal to those regular watch wearers more than an unattractive black slab.

Right now there are more questions than there are answers, like for instance the resolution of the display on the G Watch R, or the internals. Will LG be using a faster processor, or will the specs be similar to the G Watch’s? We’ll have to wait and see, but with IFA just around the corner, we’ve not got much longer to wait and those looking for another choice for a round Android Wear watch besides the Moto 360 might want to pay close attention next month.