LG Targets Samsung With Its Latest Tagline

August 15, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Samsung and LG have many things in common. They’re both involved in a wide variety of ventures, from microwaves and TVs to making smartphone displays and the devices themselves. Not only that but they have a similar approach to making those (smartphone) devices, their software and they’re even both from South Korea. There has been many talk in the last few years that LG is copying Samsung in a way when it comes to smartphone design and software looks and features, which is kind of true in a way actually. LG started to differentiate at some point though and it seems they made the right call. Their software skin is still plenty heavy like Samsung’s, packing lots and lots of features (you might not even want) in there, however it looks different now and it definitely goes into a different direction. Their devices have also took a turn for the better in my honest opinion, LG’s G line is great and the latest LG G3 is really unique with its design and all around feel.

These two companies are direct competition to one another so no wonder they don’t like each other that much. LG seems to be taking that to a whole new level though. GSMArena report that LGUSAMobile YouTube page has a new header, an interesting one indeed as you can see above this article. LG took a subtle jab at Samsung here, though it’s pretty obvious to who is this aimed at. The tagline reads “There’s life beyond the galaxy” below which you can find #lifebeyondthegalaxy tag. On the right side of this header image you’ll see LG G3 which has an image of a galaxy on its display. LG must have felt it is the right time to strike considering Samsung’s profit took a dive in Q2 this year.

Life Beyond The Galaxy

As I said, it is quite obvious that LG is targeting Samsung here. Your thoughts on this? Will we see Samsung hit back here or will they take the high road?