LG Officially announces the LG G3 Stylus, Heading to Berlin Next Week

August 25, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

In typical fashion, LG has announced yet another smartphone ahead of a trade show. IFA is set to kick off next week (it officially kicks off September 5th through the 10th, but the press days are September 3rd and 4th). LG has just announced the LG G3 Stylus which was shown off in a few of their marketing videos on YouTube a number of weeks ago. So we knew it was coming but we were just waiting for official word from LG. The LG G3 Stylus is not a high-end smartphone, it does have a 5.5-inch display like the LG G3, but it has a qHD display, that’s qHD and not QHD. It does also have a 13MP camera, with the laser Auto-Focus which is what we have on the LG G3. There’s also a 3,000mAh battery which should provide amazing battery life.

As far as software goes, it does have all the same features as the LG G3, including the same user experience. Which LG did say they were bringing that UX to all of their current smartphones, including their low-end and mid-range devices. They are also bringing Quick Memo+, dual Window, Touch & Shoot, Gesture Shot, and Knock Code to the LG G3 Stylus. Not to mention there’s also a stylus here.

According to LG, the LG G3 Stylus will be launching “in 3G markets starting in Brazil in September followed by countries in Asia, Middle East and Africa and CIS.” So we likely won’t see it here in the US, unfortunately. 

“With its exceptional hardware and exceptional price that can’t be beat, the LG G3 Stylus is in a category all by itself,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. The LG G3 Stylus is the perfect tool for consumers who don’t want to be bogged down carrying a laptop, tablet and smartphone. It gets things done and lets you have fun while doing without having to compromise on quality, style or user experience.”

How many of you are interested in the LG G3 Stylus?