Lenovo Calls the K920 Mini a Mini?


We covered the Lenovo K920 a short while ago, and it looks to be a great device not only for Asian markets, but also for those outside Asia who want to get a phone unlocked with some great specifications, especially battery size and life.  For a recap though, the device will be sporting a 6-inch QuadHD (2560 by 1440 pixel) display (likely LCD, since most manufacturers prefer its brightness over the saturation of AMOLED technology), powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, running at its beastly 2.5 Ghz across four cores, aided by 3 GB of RAM to smooth the experience.  The price is unknown as of right now, but it will be upwards of $500 USD at launch, given its specifications.  The device was shown off at an event in early June, and is not called the Vibe Z2 Pro, as it was rumored it might be.  But that's fine by us; shorter name, easier to tell a friend about, especially once the device launches on August 5th.

But what's the big deal about a phone we know is coming, though the price launch date, and availability of theK920 is still unknown as of now?  Well, following HTC, Samsung, and many other manufacturers, Lenovo is said to be releasing a 'mini' sibling to the K920.  But what does this mini have to offer us as consumers?  The mini-K920 will reportedly have some not-so-mini specifications along with the name.  It will supposedly have a 5.5-inch 1080p display (probably LCD, like its full-size sibling), as well as the same aluminum (or aluminium for those folks that prefer it) alloy body/housing as the K920.  It is rumored to have the same processor, that Snapdragon 801 at the same frequency of 2.5 Ghz, but only 2 GB of RAM instead of 3.  The phone will also reportedly have only 16 GB of internal storage as compared to the K920's 32 GB.


But wait, you say, how is this device mini at all, in any way, by anyone's standards?  Well, 'mini' devices have been going from 'smaller, terribly-specced, low-tier phones that have last year's OS' to 'smaller than the flagship or the same name, with toned down specs, for those that don't want to pay the flagship price', and that's what this device looks to do.  According to PhoneArena, the price of the K920 Mini will possibly sit around $323 USD, when converted.  But we should really try to reconsider what 'mini' means to us as smartphones get to the size and functionality of small-size tablets.  What does a 5.5-inch 'mini' smartphone mean though?  Let us know your thoughts.

Lenovo K920 Mini Leak

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