Legere Wastes No Time Going after Sprint and their New Plans

August 19, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We could all have called this right? Yesterday, Sprint unveiled a new data plan, which looks like a pretty good offer, but it is pretty confusing. Basically you can get up to 10 lines, with 20GB of data for $100. The confusing part is that the price is $100 whether you have 3 lines, 4 lines, 7 lines or 10 lines. Shouldn’t 3 lines be cheaper? It took me reading over their press release about 4-5 times to figure that out. If it’s truly a good deal, then make it easy to understand, I’m sure you’ll get many more customers that way, Sprint.

So with that said, John Legere went to Twitter and started bashing Sprint. Which has become some of our favorite entertainment as of late. Here’s what one of his tweets stated “Hmmm… its’ the end of ! I’ll be sure to send some to the ” I thought it was funny because of the hashtags. Legere tweeted most of this stuff last night, but this morning he started up again, with a bunch of facts, or would that be fracts? Legere is posting all kinds of facts about the T-Mobile network compared to the Sprint network. Not that we needed cold hard numbers, but it’s nice to see them.

While this isn’t exactly news, it’s what Legere has been doing for the past two years now, and we love it. It’s something you don’t see everyday in the wireless industry. And it’s actually working for him. His goal is to get people talking about him and his company, T-Mobile. And that’s exactly what’s happening. Also according to the latest RootMetrics report, T-Mobile has gone from the worst network in the US to the third best (well that’s really only moving up one spot), so there is proof that T-Mobile is indeed putting their money where their moth is.