More Leaked MIUI v6 Screenshots Show New Design Language


Xiaomi has grown into one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in China, and as such any product they are ready to announce gets some huge attention.  While they've recently unveiled their latest flagship the Mi4, complete with stainless steel frame and replaceable back plates, the latest version of their own take on Android has not yet been announced.  While that official announcement is only four days away now on August 16th, but leading up to that we've seen a few scant leaks showing off some huge changes for the skinned version of Android.  These changes seem to place it more in line with iOS than Android L visually, but of course as anyone who's ever used MIUI knows it'll be more feature packed than most skinned versions of Android out there will be, including huge amounts of customization.

MIUI v6 is the version number we're looking at here, and this particular build appears to be beta 4.  Looking at the screenshots below you can clearly see the iOS-like styling that's happening in much of the UI, including a very skinny font that doesn't appear to be Roboto, the default Android font that Google has used since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and has tweaked in quite a few iterations of Android since then.  You'll also notice the sideways battery bar and a few other similar visual cues from iOS in the screenshots.  While this is certainly not a bad thing in many cases it will certainly get Xiaomi some flack about copying other designs for themselves, something they've recently said they don't do, rather draw inspiration from market trends and come up with their own flavor for design in the process.


Things overall don't seem to be quite as colorful as Android L, rather taking more of a dark gray and white approach.  There's also circular flat icons, a trend that's been going around for some time now and has really caught on in the custom icon packs on the Google Play Store.  The notification bar is also without any delineation between notifications, giving it a clean and simple look.  The screenshots themselves have come into some speculation that this could just be a well-made skin for MIUI v5 but there's no easy way to tell.  One big giveaway that these are genuine is the color changing status bar up top, which is not something present in MIUI v5.  The announcement is Friday so we won't have long to figure out if these are real or not, but what do you think about them?  Let us know in the comments!

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