More leaked HTC T1(Nexus 8) information including accessories and launch countries

Over the last couple of months there has been widespread speculation on the future of the Google Nexus range. Original rumors a few months back hinted that the popular Google devices would come to an end. However, within weeks of consumers digesting the news of Nexus's death rumors began to circulate that the next Nexus (8) was in fact alive, kicking and on its way. This in turn sent the rumor mill into overdrive in terms of the upcoming device's specs and what to expect. Although the device specs are highly debatable with conflicting data coming from different sources it seems tech tipster @upleaks may have the scoop on the much-loved Nexus. A few weeks back we reported that @upleaks had tipped the world that the device was actually being manufactured by HTC and was under the name 'T1' although @upleaks also offered 'Flounder' and 'Volantis' as alternative codenames for the device. In addition to the manufacturer there was also a number of specs provided in the tip suggesting the device will come with a G4-bit Tegra Processor (possible Tegra K1), a whopping 4GB RAM and a Qualcomm LTE Modem (MDM9x25). The leak also suggested NFC and GPS were included although the camera specs suggested were rather middle-of-the-road with only an 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP front shooter provided.

Today, it seems @upleaks has more information to offer for the HTC T1 (or Nexus 8 if you believe the rumors). Today's leaks include information on the accessories and release countries. Firstly, in terms of the accessories, @upleaks suggests the device will be launched with a 'Magic Cover' and folio keyboard. The magic cover is just a case and the leak advises it will be available in both leather and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The leather variant will be offered in two colours, Natural and Black while the TPU variation will be available in four colours (Coral Amethyst, Mint Indigo, Lime Stone and Indigo Black). In terms of the release of the device there was no firm information given regarding the launch date although with its close association with Google and the upcoming Android L due to hit the market in October it would be fair to assume sometime around October would be a good bet. Instead the leak informs us the GSM version will be launched in multiple countries including Europe, Russia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, NZ, Korea, and HK. There will also be a WiFi variant which will be released in a number of countries including South Korea and Japan.

For now this is still only just rumors but with repeated information coming from the same source it does seem highly likely that @upleaks is in-the-know. What do you think? Do you think these rumors are true? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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