Latest RootMetric Report Shows T-Mobile's Network Continues to Improve



When it comes to mobile carriers, it's no secret that T-Mobile has been making more noise than anyone else over the last couple of years. With their Uncarrier projects causing the likes of Verizon and AT&T headaches T-Mobile is the place to go for unlimited data as well as great value for money. However, all of that matters little if the network you're using is no good in the first place. That's why it's nice to see that T-Mobile's network has improved a lot over the last year. According to a new RootMetrics report, T-Mobile has improved more than any other carrier when it comes to network performance over the last year.


If you're interested in how good a network is, then you'll be familiar with RootMetrics. If not, all you really need to know is that RootMetrics do their utmost best to test all of the carriers across the entire country and throughout the 125 most populous markets as well as the nation's 50 busiest airports. It's a comprehensive testing regime and one that delivers accurate results in an easy-to-digest format for folks like you and I. In RootMetrics' latest report, Verizon still comes out on top overall with a score of 81.6, AT&T follows closely with 79.5 and then T-Mobile and Sprint are close with 71.5 and 69.6, respectively. While being only a few points better than Sprint isn't much, last year T-Mobile had a score of just 64.3 and now it's improved to 71.5, while Verizon and AT&T's scores have actually fallen, with Big Red taking a big hit from 89.7 to 81.6 this year.

You'll find the whole report at the source link and if this sort of thing interests you, it's worth a quick look as it's nice and easy to digest. As for data speeds, one of the bigger things we're interested in, T-Mobile comes third here again with 67.1 which is much better than Sprint's 63.7, however Verizon and AT&T are still comfortably ahead here with 81.5 and 78.1, respectively. So, while it's clear that T-Mobile still has work to do if their network is to match up to their GSM buddy AT&T, and even further to go to take on Verizon, it's good to see improvement and we're sure that next year, this report could look a lot different than it does right now.

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