Korean Carrier LGUplus Supposedly Listing Galaxy Note 4(SM-N910L) On Their Site

August 1, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 release date is approaching and believed to be coming up soon, although there is no official word as to when that will be yet. Rumors however are speculating that Samsung will announce it at this year’s upcoming IFA conference that begins next month in September. We can finally say month when referring to IFA because today is now August 1st. Time flies eh? Even though we don’t have exact dates, prices, or specs listed for Samsung’s follow up to last year’s popular Galaxy Note 3 device, that hasn’t stopped at least one carrier listing up as a device to be for sale soon. Korean carrier LG U+ now has a listing up on their webpage for the Samsung SM-N910L, which is believed to be the model number for the Galaxy Note 4.

Rather it is the model number of a presumed variant, and if SM-N910 is the actual model number of the Galaxy Note 4 than this one listed by LG U+ is just a model meant for that market region which is something that happens with every device from every manufacturer. There is also some news that hit yesterday from Samsung that they have two new devices on the way, one of which was referred to as “new and innovative” and said to carry a big display. It’s possible that could be the Galaxy Note 4 although there were no specifics mentioned.

As for the SM-N910L listed on LG U+’s website, there are no specs or images listed there so the listing being there at all is possibly a placeholder or a notification to consumers that the phone will be available there once Samsung actually announces and then launches the device. When it comes to specs though it is believed that the screen will be Quad-HD as Samsung themselves have listed a variant of the SM-N910 on their own website with the SM-N910A and state that the display is Quad-HD quality. Whether all variants will come with this particular screen resolution is unknown yet but there’s no reason why Samsung wouldn’t provide it for all models. It’s also rumored of course to be coming with 3GB of RAM along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor to drive the device, at least we can certainly hope for an 805. As we approach IFA next month we’ll likely learn more concrete details and hopefully at least some official specifications.