KnC Wallet For Bitcoin Gets Updated With Easy Person To Person Payments

If you primarily like to deal with things using digital currency, then it's imperative that you have a digital wallet that matches your needs. One of the more popular digital forms of currency that gets used on a daily basis and is now even being accepted at some local businesses, is Bitcoin. One of the more popular Bitcoin applications designed specifically to give users easy access to their Bitcoin funds is KnC Wallet, and they have just announced the latest update which comes with some great new features that will serve a useful purpose to new and old users of the app alike. If you're not already using a Bitcoin wallet app but you have Bitcoin currency in possession, KnC Wallet is worth a look. The app is free to use and free of ads as well, a loveable feature that anyone should appreciate.

In the latest update KnC Wallet makes it even easier than ever for users to send and receive Bitcoin to and from other users whether they be family or friends. Users can now send payments through a simple name search feature using or by simply choosing the desired phone number that you wish to send coin to. Sending coin to someone will require that they also have the KnC Wallet app installed on their device, once done coin can be sent back and forth freely any time you need to make a payment to someone, quickly and easily.

There are other useful features as well, like encrypted wallet backups to Google Drive and Dropbox, very useful if you like to keep copies of important data in the cloud just in case. Paying in person is also simple, as the app utilizes easy QR codes to accomplish in person payments. You can also use the app to add notes and messages to any of the purchases you make or transactions you complete to keep your activity organized, and you can import your paper wallets. Since the value of Bitocin can constantly fluctuate, KnC Wallet even keeps a record of up to date conversion values of your local currency so you can always be up to date on how much your personal Bitcoin is worth at the time. If you're interested in trying out KnC Wallet you can grab it from the Play Store link.

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