Intel Broadwell Chips Are Expected To Be In New Chromebooks

Still waiting on that exceptionally powerful Chromebook? Well wait no more because Intel is expecting to ship their first processor based on 5th generation Intel Core architecture. You have probably heard the name floating around the web already. The chip is codenamed Broadell and is expected to not only be inside of Windows line of laptops and tablets but inside of Google's Chromebook too. According to Google's Francois Beaufort, code for a Broadwell based device has been posted in the Chromium Repository and is under the codename, Auron. Now don't get too confused with all of these codenames, Auron is just the name of a board that someone is currently testing.

With this little rumor running around, we are not clear on whether this chip will get placed inside of any products. But, with someone already undergoing testing of the code, we could see any of the current PC makers snatch it up and churn out a few notebooks. Using the Broadwell chips will work really great with Chromebooks. The chips will offer better performance and even consume less battery. Overall, the Broadwell chips will out perform the Haswell chips that many of the Chromebooks out in the market currently have. The sad part to this news is that we are going to have to wait until 2015 to see a Chromebook, or any premium desktop or notebook running the Broadwell processors.

Fortunately enough, we will get to see the first line of Broadwell chips this year. It will be an Intel Core M processor and is low powered chip. As of right now the chip is mainly going to be used for tablets, notebooks, and 2 and 1 systems. With this chip being low powered, its uses can be very valuable to future notebooks because PC makers can now exclude a fan. With that being said, the future of the Google Chromebook looks to be very bright, with thinner and lighter notebooks in the works. Just think, Google can now exclude the fan and use less power. This leaves you with getting more stuff done with a simple and intuitive operating system.


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