iGrill2 And Other Connected iDevices For Cooking Now Support Android

Just in case you have been jealous and eager of your iPhone touting friends and their snarky comments about being able to grill better due to the compatibility with iGrill devices, you can now laugh in their face and show them who the real king of the grill is as the team at iGrill has announced earlier this morning that the devices now support Android, and they have released a new Android app onto the Play Store called iDevices Connected that pairs with them for use. The iGrill mini, iGrill2 and other devices that offer to help you master the ways of the grill seem to be quite useful, and all the cool things about having tools that can read temperature on meats and such can all be read straight from your device thanks to the new app and support for Android.

The iDevices give users a carefree and easy way to cook and cook like a champion without having to be connected at the hip to the stove or grill, slaving over it like some poor sap who's grilling for his life. If you're cooking steaks and you want to get that perfect medium rare, just simply insert the temperature reader end of an iDevice like the iGrill2 into the meat, and that's basically it. Just power on the device and it'll connect to the app, then walk away. With the device connected to the app, you can go back inside or tend to guests or whatever else that may have more use for your attention.

According to the iDevices crew, users on Android have been open and vocal about getting support for these devices which makes sense. We can cook too and why should we be forced to cook like barbarians without awesome tech tools to enhance the experience? The app allows you to do more than just monitor the status of your steaks and other things you throw on the grill, you can also share things to social,(for bragging rights you know)set custom alarms and timers, and get inspiration for that meal that you want to cook. The devices currently available for use with this app are the iGrill2, the iGrill mini, iDevices kitchen thermometer, and the iDevices kitchen thermometer mini, and all use Bluetooth smart to connect to your device. You can find the details about these devices from the iDevices website where you can also purchase whatever you may have a need for. If you're an Amazon Prime member, why not pick it up at Amazon?


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