HTC Zoe App Hits the Play Store in Beta Form, for HTC Devices Only for Now

August 14, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

HTC released the Beta version of their Zoe app today to the Play Store. We were told earlier this year when they announced that the Zoe app would hit the Play Store this summer, that it would be available for all devices. Well that hasn’t changed as far as we know. But the Zoe app that appeared in the Play Store today, is a beta and for HTC devices only. So we’ve loaded it up on the HTC One Remix and are giving it a spin. Since the One Remix doesn’t have any of the picture editing features of the HTC One M8 unfortunately. It also appears that the Zoe app will be compatible with Any HTC device that has launched since 2013. So that’s the HTC One M7 and everything newer than that.

As far as features go, here’s what we’ve got here “Send Zoe highlight videos directly to friends, and invite them to remix yours. Instantly share to social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. Interact with friends by giving and receiving hearts & comments. Share publicly and privately (friends only). Upload as much as you want.  And much, much more!”

We’ve used HTC Zoe’s since last year when HTC announced it as part of the HTC One M7, and it was a pretty cool idea that has only gotten better over time. And to see it launching for more devices later this year will become a pretty big deal, and might even allow HTC to steal people from other OEMs and switch to HTC, which is what they really need right now. HTC is great with cameras and their software, even if they do put a 4MP camera in their last two flagship smartphones.

How many of you with a HTC device have taken HTC Zoe (Beta) for a spin already? Let us know in the comments below.