HTC T1 (Nexus 8/Flounder/Volantis) Will Allegedly Sport A 64-bit Tegra Chip, 4GB Of RAM And An 8MP Camera, Android "L" To Come Pre-Installed


After weeks of silence when it comes to the next iteration of Google's Nexus 7 tablet, things started heating up again. Just after releasing the news that HTC-made Nexus tablet has probably stopped by the RRA (Korean version of FCC) we get yet another leak that points to HTC as the tablet's manufacturer. This time though, specifications are somewhat different than previously leaked which touted 2560 x 1600 screen, 5GB of DDR3 RAM, Tegra K1 chip and 5MP camera, amongst others specs.

This new leak comes from @upleaks and as we said, tells a somewhat different story. First of all, they call the device "HTC T1", even though they mention both "Flounder" and "Volantis" (code)names next to it. The person(s) behind the Twitter handle also mentions that the device won't come with HTC's Sense UI, which points to a Nexus device as well. The leak says that the device will come with a 64-bit Tegra processor (this adds up with the previously leaked Tegra K1), 4GB of RAM (Elpida 2x2GB) and Qualcomm's LTE modem (MDM9x25). NFC and GPS are also being mentioned as well as 8MP rear-facing camera with LED Flash and a 1.6MP front-facing shooter. The leak also says that this tablet will come with Android "L" pre-installed, which makes sense.


If this pans out in the end and Google really announces an HTC device sporting these specifications, many people will be extremely happy. I know I will, this seems like a beast if we look at its specifications. Not only would it sport a great 64-bit processor and a beautiful and extremely sharp 2K screen but it would be a delight to multi-task on considering 4GB or RAM which would be inside the thing. Not to mention Android "L" OS for great performance and experience overall. BoomSound speakers might be too much to ask for on top of all the stuff we've listed above, although that would be neat. We have to keep in mind the price though, I hope Google really gives this a "Nexusy" price although I have no idea how they intend to pull that off if this specifications are accurate. It remains to be seen if this device will see the light of day though, what do you think?

upleaks flounder specifications leak

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