HTC Enables The MirrorLink Feature For The One M8


You may not ask yourself how your car connects to your smartphone, you just want it to work and you want it to perform as it’s supposed to. That’s OK. The technology behind many of today’s vehicles though is called MirrorLink, which is the leading standard for in-car connected technology between the car and the smartphone. It’s designed to work with a wide range of smartphones and vehicles, so that users have the optimum experience when setting out to connect their car and smartphone to work together. The good news for HTC One M8 owners, is that today, HTC together with the Car Connectivity Consortium has announced that they will be bringing MirrorLink to the HTC One M8, making it part of the wide range of handsets.

HTC is taking a keen interest in providing a holistic experience to its users, something that can be recognized by simply looking at their flagship handset, the HTC One M8 and their use of design and materials to make the use of it feel as natural as possible. The HTC One M8 is now MirrorLink enabled, and the functionality will be arriving through an update to current owners of the phone starting today. HTC also states that more devices in their lineup will be MirrorLink enabled in the near future as well. Bringing MirrorLink to the HTC M8 seeks to allow users the ability to use smartphone content behind the wheel more seamlessly and more responsibly, something that definitely needs to taken into consideration by many drivers.

Whether you just want a more responsible and safe way to access navigation in the car or control your favorite “drive to work” playlist, MirrorLink on the HTC One M8 will be able to help facilitate that sort of user experience. The Car Connectivity Consortium together with HTC as well as other manufacturers, are providing a better way to connect your devices inside of the vehicle. HTC’s adoption of the feature will allow for MirrorLink to reach millions more consumers, while also helping to get MirrorLink more globally adopted on a grander scale. Do you own an HTC One M8 and if so, are you looking forward to getting this update?