HTC To Announce An Android Wear Smartwatch In September?

HTC One Remix AH 16

Smartwatches are slowly but surely becoming a thing. They’re still kind of a niche product, but more and more manufacturers are boarding the smartwatch train. This year’s IFA will be packed with tech gadgets, part of those gadgets will surely be smartwatches. Moto 360 is sure to make an appearance, we’ll probably see the rumored ZenWatch by Asus as well and Samsung’s recently announced Gear S. I don’t doubt many more will make an appearance there. As you all know there are already quite a few smartwatches available, from Pebble, Sony Smartwatch to Android Wear offerings and Samsung’s Tizen watches. Even Apple is expected to launch an iWatch this year. Of course, there are some less known smartwatches out there, like the Cookoo watch for example. The point is, you already have plenty to choose from and that portfolio will only expand with time.

One well known brand that still doesn’t have a smartwatch and we didn’t hear much from is HTC. We’ve seen a leaked render by @evleaks a while back, not much since then however, until now anyway. @upleaks posted this on Twitter: “HTC CWZ; Android Wear powered smartwatch, coming to North America/EMEA/Japan/Brazil/Korea and Taiwan on Sep.”, suggesting HTC-made Android Wear smartwatch is on the way. @upleaks Twitter handle hasn’t been up and running for long, but it has a decent track record thus far. I’m sure many of you like HTC products and might be interested in this watch once HTC unveils it, HTC is well-known for the build quality of its products after all. Of course, there’s no way to confirm this rumor, so take it with a pinch of salt I guess. We can only guess what will this phone’s form factor be, I cross my fingers for a circular smartwatch made out of stainless steel or something to that effect.

HTC has scheduled a pre-IFA press event for September 4th, so we might see this thing unveiled as part of that event. Though that doesn’t have to be the case, HTC has scheduled yet another post-IFA event for September 19th which could be the “smartwatch event”. We’ll just have to wait and see what HTC has planned for September, so stay tuned, as soon as we find out more details so will you.

UPDATE: According to @upleaks, the smartwatch will sport a 1.8-inch display 320 x 160 in resolution and it will be powered by a 100mAh battery. He also mentions that it will sport IP57 certification for dust and water resistance.