Heart Rate Training App: Continuous Heart Monitoring for Android Wear

August 29, 2014 - Written By Cory McNutt

The surge in fitness software is at an all-time high and growing what seems like every day. This is happening for a couple reasons as more and more people are getting into taking better care of themselves…there were no gyms around every corner when I was growing up – in my 20’s a few Nautilus gyms opened up, but they were few and far between.  Today, everywhere you look there is an LA Fitness or some such gym popping up.  Another reason is that manufacturers of  fitness bracelets or smartwatches need another reason for consumers to buy these devices, so Apps are popping up to monitor your exercising, with most devoted to running and your heart rate – Samsung went so far as to include a Heart Rate Monitor in the back of their Galaxy S5 smartphone and the back of their Gear Live smartwatch.

The new Android Wear operating system designed for wearables is started to show up on smartwatches – Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch – immediately, with more to come.  The Samsung Gear Live launched with a built-in heart rate monitor – it was mounted on the back of the watch and recorded your pulse from your wrist – but it could only take measurements one at a time…no continuous reading was available.  Seeing the necessity for this, App Developer Portable Pixels has just hit Google Play with a new App that makes continuous monitoring a reality and simply called – “Heart Rate Training.”  It takes advantage of the Gear Live’s hardware to make this happen, but other Android Live watches will eventually follow Samsung’s cue and follow with their own built-in monitors.

What is interesting about this App is that you do not set it up on your watch…instead, you preset everything on your smartphone before you begin running and then you can either pocket you phone or even leave it at home.  The App on the Samsung Gear Live will the continuously monitor your heart rate by using the heart rate monitor on the watch.  It will display green if you are in the correct ‘zone’ that you have set up beforehand.  It will turn orange if you stray beyond your setting and eventually it will turn red if you are way over your established goal.  You can still use other functions of the watch while running the App in the background, such as changing a music track, and then go back to check your heart rate.

Please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know if you have have tried out this $1.49 App – click on the picture directly below to go to the Play Store – as always, we would love to hear from you.

Heart Rate Training Wearable  App