Haught V.S. Motorola Settlement Over The CLIQ XT Awards $25 Discount Code

If you can join me and travel back in time for just a moment, there was once upon a time that T-Mobile had more than a few Motorola Android devices on their lineup. One such device was the Motorola CLIQ XT, the second iteration of the CLIQ Line, and the phone without the physical keyboard. In reality is was just Motorola's attempt at improving the quality of the CLIQ since the first version had so many issues for customers, and the trend was starting to move towards mostly all touch screen with no physical keyboard so the CLIQ XT was born. The lack of keyboard was more or less a product of going along with the trend and not really a decision made to improve the device.

The CLIQ XT was way back when Cupcake was still around and there were more than a couple devices that were still running the software version. The CLIQ XT was one of them. There weren't too many of the OEMs that were phenomenal at updating to the newer versions of the software back then, not like today at least, and sadly the devices from Motorola on T-Mobile's lineup were part of that. To the customers however, that shouldn't have been the case, because they were under the impression that the CLIQ XT would be getting an update the next version of Android software, and it just never came, yet Motorola had promised and said that it was on the way. Due to this some customers weren't that happy and it ended up in a class action lawsuit, Haught vs Motorola. This was over three years ago, and it seems that a settlement has just been reached. If you can call it that.

Motorola is basically giving anyone that had bought the Motorola CLIQ XT prior to February 2nd of 2011, a $25 discount code to spend at Motorola's online store, which isn't really much of a settlement, but then again was the lawsuit much of a lawsuit? Was it worth spending time and money over a three year process just to receive $25 off some accessories through Motorola's website? We'll let you be the judge of that, although a lawsuit seems a little bit ridiculous over an issue like the lack of a software update. Now that the settlement has been reached, participants have until November 10th to either postmark or fill out and complete an online form to claim their discount code,(which can be found at the source link below)otherwise all that waiting was for naught.

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