Grootboard Will Let Pretend To Be Groot Through Three Simple Words

Remember Hodor keyboard and the awesome wellspoken engagements that it brought to your life? Yeah, we don't remember either, because all the keyboard did was allow you to respond to any open text box with the simple words of Hodor from Game of Thrones, which is coincidentally just his own name. Despite the simplicity of Hodor's vocabulary, the keyboard was still quite fun if your only intent was to induce a little annoyance to those who were texting you. Now you can expand on your simple keyboard typing quests with a new keyboard app from the same developer, with Grootboard, the only keyboard in the.... Galaxy? that lets you reply to any text, comment, or post with the words "I Am Groot", just because you can.

Grootboard just like Hodor keyboard has its charms, and is obviously more targeted at the groups of people who take their loyalism and fan status of such things as characters from a movie seriously. This app most likely won't appeal to people who don't care to see Guardians of The Galaxy, or anyone that wasn't at least fans of the comic series that spawned the characters within it, but to everyone who is aware of the movies characters and has rather taken a liking to them, Grootboard is just what you need to be Groot, act like Groot, speak like Groot, and finally, tell people you are Groot. We personally recommend using this in moderation with certain people as we could see excessive responses of  "I Am Groot" causing some people a rage induced crime spree.

Grootboard will end up costing you a mere $0.99 and if you enjoy the small bits of happiness that it brings when you send the messages through, it's worth grabbing and letting go of a buck for. Sometimes in life it's the little things that matter most and this could be one of those things. It may provide you with just a few minutes of enjoyment once a day but we'd say that's worth it. What do you say to that? "I Am Groot". We knew you'd get it.


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