Greenify Update Brought Automatic Hibernation To Non-Rooted Devices


If you've ever rooted your device, chances are you've heard of the app called Greenify. This application provided a perfect tool to rooted users when it comes to tackling down battery-hungry and in general annoying apps which just keep messing things up in the background. As you probably already know, once you force close an app in Android settings, that app will simply restart in the background so you can basically use that option only if you need to restart an app which started acting funny or something to that effect. Greenify was only available for rooted users for a long time, then it came to Android a while back, I believe that happened back in January this year. Anyhow, the app of course had limited functionality when it comes to non-rooted phones, there's only so much you could do with it without root privileges. Oasis Feng, this app's developer, gave its best to bring more functionality to non-rooted users by implementing a ton of experimental features.

For a while now users are able to create a list of apps they'd like to hibernate and along with that create a shortcut to hibernate those app, in other words perform some sort of "batch hibernation". You can't call this automatic hibernation though, but it serves its purpose. Let me explain, once you hibernate an app it will no longer turn on automatically in the background until you run it yourself and thus won't affect your battery or performance of your device even though its installed. You had to manually do this every once in a while though, but you don't have to anymore. Greenify got updated recently and now offers "Automatic Hibernation" for non-rooted users, they somehow managed to pull that off. All you have to do once you update the app to version 2.4 is visit the app's settings, enter "Experimental Features" and turn "Automated hibernation (4.1+) on. Your device will turn the screen on once in a while, quickly hibernate apps which are on your list and are not hibernated, it will simply turn the screen off afterwards. Please do note that your device must run Android 4.1 JellyBean or a never version of Android in order for this to work.


Greenify has tons of features inside many of which do require root and Xposed module or at least a donation package, though the app now offers seriously useful functionality even to users who are not rooted and are using a free version of it. I've been using this app for a long time on both of my devices and was actually quite happy even with the manual batch hibernation, this only makes things easier though. I hope you got the gist of it, if you're interested you can download the app via the icon or the link below and try it out yourself. The developer is doing a really great job with the app and I'd recommend you support him, you can do that by purchasing a "Donation Package" version of the app which will give you some extra features and well and will set you back $2.99.


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