Google's Upcoming YouTube Based Streaming Music Service Is Called YouTube Music Key

There is an ever expanding push to bring us users the best possible streaming music experience, and there are already many contenders in this space, with Pandora, Spotify, Beats, Google Play Music All Access and others. YouTube has long been rumored to be coming out with their own streaming music service for users, and today it seems that we might be getting our first looks and details about what's to come. For starters, to us it seems that the biggest piece of information revolves around the way that Google will be handling both their already existing Google Play Music All Access service, and the upcoming subscription service they will offer through YouTube and how they will coexist.

What Google apparently has planned involves a re-branding of Google Play Music All Access, not too unlike the way they re-branded the Android Market to Google Play so they could make their content delivery space, along with the content more cohesive and streamlined. To that end, Google will basically be changing the name of Google Play Music All Access to Google Play Music Key in due time, and the YouTube based subscription music service will be called YouTube Music Key, keeping everything streamlined and cohesive between both music services. On top of this Google will apparently be packing both subscription services into one monthly fee, which will remain the $9.99 a month that All Access is currently costing. There were no details on it, but those who had grandfathered in from the original $7.99 monthly cost of All Access from when it started would seem likely to have access to YouTube Music Key once it launches, although we are only speculating on that.

What YouTube Music Key will offer to subscribers includes features like offline playback, something we have come to expect from many of Google's apps and services, an Audio-only playback mode for listening to music with the screen off(allowing you to save battery life)and of course ad-free listening, which is an experience that isn't available when listening to music on YouTube now. Although YouTube Music Key will end up costing a monthly fee of $9.99, users will get a 30-Day free trial much like they would have had with Play Music All Access. Google hasn't mentioned when this service will go live or when they will begin the transition for All Access, but things seem to moving along nicely, and perhaps we'll know more on the timing details soon.

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