Google's HTC Nexus Tablet (Flounder) Receives WiFi Certification


No longer than we report on the possibility that we might see the HTC Nexus tablet hit before October 9th do we come across the apparent WiFi certification for it, listed as the HTC "Flounder". We all know that Google tends to stick with naming themes for its products, whether it's the dessert names for the Android software versions or in this case, the names of fish types for the Nexus devices. While this is in no way a complete confirmation of an HTC Nexus tablet arrival, this is really as good of a confirmation as we need to safely suggest that we'll be seeing the Nexus tablet come from HTC in the near future. The fish name flounder(already having been previously rumored as the internal reference name for the tablet)is also further evidence to suggest that HTC is our Nexus tablet OEM for this year.

The WiFi certification also serves as a good indicator that the tablet may be reaching total completion and nearing a planned launch date, which once again, is now rumored to be before October 9th. With the Wifi certification out of the way the tablet is fairly close to being ready for release, although we're still waiting for it to hit the FCC and get the certification there. That shouldn't be too far off though and we wouldn't be surprised if we saw that pop up sometime within the next few weeks.


You can check out the WiFi cert yourself by hitting the source link, but we also have a screenshot displaying the details for you below. We can see HTC Corp. as the manufacturer so this pretty much sums up everyone's suspicions, and of course there's the internal "flounder" tag as well as the fact that it runs Android L. Touching base on our earlier post, we mentioned that we might see the release of Android L around October, which looks like a better possibility now with the Wifi cert and the rumor from upleaks about the October launch. There isn't a whole lot of detail to be super excited about or to speculate on, but the one thing to pay attention to is that the certification lists multiple SKU numbers for the tablet. What this probably means is that we will like always be seeing multiple storage models, however it could also mean separate colors. Perhaps both. We can also see that the tablet will be supporting WiFi a/b/g/n/ac for those that were interested to know.

HTC Nexus Tablet WiFi Certification

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