Google’s East Coast Barge Program has Been Sunk

August 2, 2014 - Written By Shaun Fitzgerald

When Google anchored the two mysterious barges full of shipping containers in San Francisco California and Portland Maine the conspiracy theorist had a field day!  Everyone wanted to know what Google could be up to with their newest additions to the family.  Speculations ranged from a floating data center to a testing facility that is building robots to take over the west coast.

The speculation and theorizing about what the four storied floating structures consisting of 63 shipping containers can probably come to an end.  It is being reported that the east coast barge in Portland has been sold for an undisclosed amount to an unnamed shipping company.  Once the sale is complete the Barge is scheduled to be disassembled, sold for scrap, and then sailed over seas.

The Portland Barge was originally constructed in Connecticut and was moved to Maine where the interior was scheduled to be created.  The eventual plan was to have the east coast barge moved to the New York City harbor where it would be used in tandem with it’s San Francisco counterpart to teach people about Google’s newest technologies like Google Glass.

Why the Barge Project has been abandoned in Portland is unclear but it looks like there has been issues on both coasts.  In March 2014 the San Francisco Barge had to be towed from the Bay due to permitting issues.  Currently the west coast floating showroom is docked in Stockton California where it has sat untouched since it’s arrival.

Whatever the original intention for the Barge program was it looks as if Google has decided to go in a different direction.  Whether this change is a result of the Google Glass backlash or just another scrapped Google project is not clear.

One thing for sure is that there will continue to be a Google owned barge floating just outside of San Francisco so if you are a conspiracy theorist you might want to stay prepared for that Google lead “I-robot” style invasion!