Google Wants To Attract More Businessess To The Chrome OS Platform

Lenovo N20p chromebook AH 9

In hopes to attract more businesses to Google’s Chrome OS platform, the search giant has teamed up again with Citrix to deliver a better version of the Citrix Receiver. If you do not know what Receiver is, the software allows users to access virtual desktops and to run apps through XenDesktop. In addition, the receiver lets people do the same thing on smartphones, tablets, PC’s and Macs. In this newer version, Receiver can now access Chrome’s native features directly such as Google Cloud Print, integrated Chrome OS’s clipboard across remote and local applications, and monitoring with HDX Insight. They have also made some improvements to audio and video playback.

Before this newer version was released, Citrix was originally launched on Chrome OS, than later moved Receiver to HTML5. When Citrix made the move to HTML5, that swore up and down that Receiver on HTML5 had more features than the Chrome app. Now that Google and Citrix have come together and re-released the Receiver, it offers more features than the HTML5 version Citrix released.

Google is really trying to get businesses to take a look at what the Chrome OS has to offer. They’re affordable laptops that employers can give to employees and offer secure access to virtual desktops that a company may have. Chromebooks have done an incredible job in the educational market, but lack the that same credibility in the business market. If Google could get businesses to adopt the Chrome OS platform and transfer their tools to another familiar ecosystem, Google will yet again strike gold. Thats where Citrix comes in with their virtual desktops; companies can take their already existing software and have their employees access them from Chromebooks.

With the newest version of Citrix Receiver on Chrome, Google has a much better chance at getting companies to hop on board the Chrome train. Business no longer have to invest thousands of dollars on computers that will individually run the software when they can run everything off of one desktop and have people access it through the Receiver.  While Google is working on their marketing plan to attract big enterprises, leave our thoughts about their ongoing venture in the comments below.