Google Voice Search Will Soon Support Five Default Language Selections



All you Android Polyglots rejoice! Google is preparing an update for Google voice search that allows you to select up to five languages as your default. Currently, if you wish to use multiple languages you must dive deeply into the Google voice settings menu and change your default language to the one you wish to utilize. When you wish to go back to your default language you will have to repeat this whole process. If you are a talented linguist, especially if you do this for a living, this must be quite the chore each time you need to use a different language.

Google has decided to fix this issue in their latest update to Google voice search. In true Google fashion, this update gives a lot of power to the user. This update not only promises to let you use up to five of the languages of your choice for each search you perform but will also let you switch between languages in that same query! So, to give an example, you should be able to start a query off in English and finish it off in French or any of the remaining three languages that you selected thanks to Google parsing each language that is detected. This might come in handy if you are like me and only know bits and pieces of the language that you are trying to speak. Hey, it could also help out some students that have foreign language classes as well. I know I could have used that help in French class back in high school but I never had the luxury of Google Now and instead had to grind through.

No longer will you need to dive into the settings menu while entering a different country or while learning a different language. This is really an exciting update for multilingual users. Users still still do have to choose a primary language by long pressing on that language and the only fault that remains seems to be the “OK Google” hot word detection which still works only when English is set as the default language.