Google Updates Search and YouTube to Help Promote Your Apps

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Earlier this year, Google announced some changes were coming with their next generation of app promotional ads involving Google Search, the Google Display Network and YouTube.  The Display Network upgrades were launched in June and now they are happy to announce that the global availability of Google Search ads and YouTube offerings.

There are over 100 billion searches each month on Google.com – pretty amazing when you think about it, and one of the reasons Google can make so much money from ads and promotions.  Conducting a search on Google will lead you to places where your information is found – maybe it is a website, or maybe that info is in an app…your app.  Google has made it an easy three-step process to get your app into an ad.  Search ads created following the new process are only shown to people who don’t already have your app – allowing that search to bring in potential new customers to you…but wait, there is more.

“Starting today, you can deep link users directly from Google Search into specific pages of apps they’ve already installed by signing up for the beta here. Customers like LINE, Zoopla and Booking.com are already testing deep-linking with their apps.  Here’s how it works: let’s say someone has the Booking.com app installed on their phone and searches for “San Francisco Hotels” on Google.com; now they can go directly to the specific page in the Booking.com app that shows listings for hotels in San Francisco.”

This is how Google keeps your current app users engaged with your application – do you realize that 80-percent of the downloaded apps are used only once? Here is how: by typing in my Google Search bar, “hotels in san francisco,” and search on that, the Booking.com app will show up in the search results – see the illustration below.  It will know that you have that app ‘installed’ reminding the user that they can use the vendor’s app that is already on the searchers’ device rather than looking through lines and lines of results.  Not only that, but if you click on the search result showing that you already have the app installed, it will take you directly to that page on your app.

Studies have shown that YouTube users are more than 2X more likely to download apps and starting today with the use of TrueView ads, advertisers can reach potential customers based on our interests, previously watched videos and by demographics.  Deepak Gupta, chief revenue officer at MachineZone, a leading mobile game developer, noted that by “Using YouTube we didn’t just find more customers, we found more of the ‘right’ customers.  We know video platforms in general deliver valuable users, but we found that users who download our app from YouTube are 15% more valuable than those from any other video platform.”

Click on our source link below where you can get more information on the new Google Services and how to go about implementing them.  It sounds like Google continues to fine tune its search engine to help make it more helpful to both the users and the advertisers. Please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know if Google is your search engine of choice…as always, we would love to hear from you.

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