Google Stars Gets Updated But Is Still A Ways Off From Public Release

You may or may not remember Google Stars, but when it finally becomes available to users which at this point seems to be nowhere in sight, it'll be a new way to manage your bookmarks within Chrome. Back in May it was discovered that Google had left the extension up for Stars in the Chrome Store but it wasn't meant to be there. We all thought Google was ready for the feature to go live at the time, but that was the wrong assumption and Google promptly pulled the extension as it was simply a mistake. Google Stars was originally discovered by Florian Kiersch prior to that, and it seems that Kiersch has some new stuff to share about the unreleased feature, including sharing his thoughts that he definitely doesn't see Google Stars being ready for distribution to users anytime soon, which is something we probably could have guessed since there hasn't really been any news on it for some time.

Kiersch explains that he took a peek at Stars last week on Friday and it looks to have gotten a few updates. For starters, Google Stars now has a list view option for the desktop interface, which should help for those who tend to prefer reading things in a list manner as opposed to a grid. He also points out that "filters" have been renamed to "auto folders", and according to Kiersch, the mobile view for Google Stars looks a lot more polished and is overall more pleasing visually. You can take a look at the images Kiersch had posted to his update on what's going on with the bookmark replacement feature, and things really do appear to have a nicer and much cleaner look.

The Mobile view seems to be taking on a material design sort of style, and the desktop version sort of looks a lot like what the new Google Drive looks like. Kiersch also points out that the mobile version of Stars is also more functional, so things aren't just about looks. In any case, Google is still hard at work bringing Google Stars to the public and making it everything it can be before that point. It may be quite a while before we see this as an extension we can use, but nevertheless things are chugging right along with it in Mountain View.

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