Google Secures Patent For Possible New Google Glass Design

Google Glass may yet be a long ways off, and that's just fine with us as the design still has some time to go before it might be more of a stylish or otherwise fashionably acceptable design. Short of the looks, Google likely also has some more fine tuning to do with it before they deem it ready for prime time. A big area of focus though is design and readying the wearables for the public to look less like something you use for computing and more like just a smart pair of glasses. Google has recently scored a new patent that just might detail what future Google Glass wear could look like. The patent design drawings certainly paint a picture of a more socially acceptable look, and if they come out looking like this, sign me up immediately. Heck, I don't even personally mind the design as is.

You can check the patent out for yourself down at the source link, and we have also included all the images of the design drawings for you here. There's one basically of just about every angle of the new look. Patent US0D0710928 is definitely a far cry from the design we have come to know and familiarize ourselves with as is, however we feel like most people might be more inclined to want a pair if the design were like this instead. The price of course would have to come down for many as well, but as we have always stated that is something that is very likely to happen when these actually become available to consumers as a finished product out of the explorer program. The patent merely lists this as a wearable display device, and doesn't specifically call it Glass, but since we know of no other devices that Google is working on that more or less provides the same type of functionality, we think it's safe to assume that this is the future design that Google would like for Glass.

Looking at the images, we can see that Google might intend not only lessen the size of the the prism display but also re-position it to the inside of the frame and behind the lens instead of on the outside. At least that's how the drawings depict it. While the final design may not end up looking like this at all, it may be a future revised look still before Google settles on something more permanent. There have also been rumors that actor Samuel L. Jackson was wearing a pair of Google Glass in the upcoming film Kingsman, which you can spot in the trailer at around 1:52. The drawings here don't look exactly like what we see Jackson wearing in the film, but they look quite close. That last bit is complete speculation and of course we only mention it as other have pointed stuff like that out when the trailer first hit the web a couple months ago. In any case, check out the patent design drawings below. Would you wear Google Glass if it looked like this potential new design?

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