Google Removes "Bomb Gaza" Game From The Play Store Due To Policy Violation

In what is probably a not so surprising move, Google seems to have pulled a game off of the Play Store that had garnered some public backlash over the game's existence. The game is called Bomb Gaza and without explaining exactly what the game's general goal is you can probably guess what it's about. People definitely weren't happy about this game being allowed on the Play Store in the first place. Although Google probably gets complaints about apps and games on a regular basis, Bomb Gaza would have had to receive quite an extensive number of complaints about it for it to receive the axe. PlayFTW is the developer(development team?)behind the game and you can apparently still find this game on Facebook although we have to wonder if it will end up getting pulled from the social network as well.

The goal, according to the source is to drop bombs on the Gaza strip without harming civilians, and you take control of, you guessed it, the Israeli military, to complete this task. While there are probably far more offensive things that people have seen on the Play Store, this one is obviously a touchy subject for many people. The game also reportedly had you attempting to dodge Hamas fighter jets who were shooting missiles at you as you fly over the strip, while dropping bombs on as many of the Islamist group members as you can.

Quite understandably people were furious over the fact that a game like this would be allowed on the Play Store, with comments stating "Please take this off the Play store. It is offensive and I am really let down that Google actually allowed this. If this game isn't removed I'm starting a Google boycott". Per Google's policy for Play Store standards, offensive and abusive material is not allowed and thus this game was pulled. The game had apparently launched on July 29th which is nearly a week prior to now, and although Google has confirmed that the game has been removed due to policy violation they haven't mentioned exactly what part of the policy that is. My curiosity has me wondering what the game looked like, but at the same time we're glad it was pulled.

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