Google Play Store Is Already Full Of Swing Copters' Clones

Flappy Bird. I'll let that sink in for a moment. This game irritated a lot of people this year, me included. The game is so simple and yet so frustrating, extremely easy to play and hard to master. You also probably remember that the game was eventually pulled from both the Google Play Store and iTunes by the developer himself despite the fact he was earning significant amounts of money thanks to Flappy Bird and the popularity it had. Reports claimed the developer earned more than $50,000 in revenue per day. The developer, Dong Nguyen, told Forbes he pulled the game for our own good. He said that the game became way too addictive and created a completely opposite effect to the one he desired at first. He also added that the game wasn't supposed to become as popular as it was.

His new game, Swing Copters, launched on the Google Play Store 1-2 days ago and there are already hundreds of clones available for download as well. The fact this game is extremely simple (like Flappy Bird) definitely didn't help. Swing Copters keeps the same annoying gameplay Flappy Bird did, though this time you have to tap on the screen in order to navigate a small helicopter and avoid getting hit or crash into objects on the sides. I tried the game out myself and it is even harder to play than Flappy Bird. If you intend to try it make sure you download the right one, because as I said, there are hundreds of clones already available on the Google Play Store and the real deal is buried deep somewhere in there. It is not even amongst first 50 applications you'll get after you search it by name via your Android device. Be sure to look for a name made by ".GEARS Studios". We have included a direct download link below in case you want to try it out, but be warned, it will annoy you if you let it. I uninstalled it soon after I tried it out though, considering it just didn't appeal to me as much as Flappy Bird did.

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