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Here in the US, we're pretty accustomed to the "startup culture" with small businesses able to pop up all over the place and flourish easier than ever before in History, and in South Korea, the same sort of thing is starting to happen, too. Google is no stranger to fostering these startups and helping them turn into successful projects and while some of these companies end up being absorbed into the smartphone giant, a lot of the time Google is just happy to help. The search giant has announced that a campus to help startups in South Korea will be launching some time next year.


Over on Google'a Asia-Pacific blog, Bridgette Beam, Senior Partnership and Program Manager for Google for Entrepreneurs (that's a mouthful) goes over what Campus Seoul hopes to achieve. In the blog post she says that "Campus Seoul will be home to many new programs, including Campus for Moms, CampusEDU and Office Hours with Googler mentors. Entrepreneurs at Campus Seoul will also have access to global opportunities, including an exchange program to other Campus locations." It seems that Campus Seoul won't be focusing on all business all the time, and will instead over some real-world advice to startups to help them keep going in whatever it is they're doing. Of course, there will always be help on hand from Google will solid advice on where to go next and what to do, but Google isn't looking to take the spotlight away from other programs.

Google Entrepreneurs has already worked with other local programs including Global K-Startup program, KStartup Accelerator, Startup Weekend, Startup Grind and this November, Startup Nations and they've said that they'll continue to work with local organizations. On the whole, this is great news for startups in South Korea, as well as those thinking of becoming one, now that there's a solid network of support in the region, it might not be so hard to get your idea off the ground and turn a dream into reality.

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