Google Looking to Bring Google Now To Business, HP Wanted an Enterprise “Nexus”

August 13, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

This morning, The Information (subscription only) put out a rather interesting report. Which has two parts. The first being that Google is looking to bring Google Now to businesses so it can be a corporate tool. Which it would be interesting to see how that worked in comparison to the current version of Google Now we already have. But the only thing we can think of is using the voice actions of Google Now to look up information like company employees, product information and inventory, etc. Apple has recently teamed up with IBM and has seen their corporate customers grow in numbers. Which leads us to believe that Google needs to do the same. And that leads us into number 2.

It’s also being reported that HP was in talks with Google about making a Nexus for enterprise. These aren’t new talks either as it’s reported that Andy Rubin wanted nothing to do with this, and he’s been gone from the Android project for about a year now. It’s said that HP wanted to build a Nexus device with a few extra goodies like high-end hardware encryption. But it appears that HP doesn’t really know what the Nexus program is all about.

We’re all for HP creating a device that’s targeted at Enterprise customers, especially one that is running Android. But that doesn’t need to be a Nexus device. They can make that their own phone, where they can call the shots on where it’s available, etc. Google has already beefed up security with Android L and even in the Chromebooks that are now available. So it’ll be interesting to see if anything comes from HP in terms of enterprise smartphones.

How many of you would love to see Google Now for businesses? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.