Google Limits Play Music With Four Annual Device Deauthorizations


Those who use Google Play Music as their only music service and app like myself, may be met with a bit of a shock at the latest change made to Google Play Music. No, we’re not talking about the latest changes in the update that happened yesterday with the new widget that was added, we’re talking about Google reversing the lift on the deauthorization limit that happened a couple of years ago. Originally they introduced as part of the policy, a limit to how many devices you could deauthorize within a year, but after it was met with much discontent Google lifted that restriction and just like that it was gone, never to be seen or heard from again, or so we thought.

Today we’re learning that Google has put that limit back in place, thus limiting users to only four deauthorizations out of the entire year. That means you could deauthorize a device basically every four months,(one immediately, and one every four months thereafter)which isn’t a whole lot if you really think about it. This doesn’t impact the number of devices that you can use Play Music on, as you’re still allowed the original 10 that Google had set. If you use many devices however you have to be very cautious about which devices you authorize and which devices you don’t, namely devices that you may only be carrying for a short period of time as you may have to deauthorize them later.

This likely won’t effect most people but there are a fairly large number of people that have a handful of devices that they use with Google Play Music already authorized, and they pick up new devices quickly. This somewhat directly effects us here at Android Headlines as we have to be careful not to authorize too many of the devices that we get in for review, because we could end up getting limited or blocked the next time we want to throw an authorization to a device we pick up that we’ll actually end up owning. It may not be the most desirable scenario, but it just means you’ll have to manage your authorizations and deauthorizations a little better.