Google Announces Support For Accented And Non-Latin Characters In Gmail

It may be a pretty small thing but to some it can mean a world of difference. Gmail on the web is getting some changes today that will allow for users to interact with accented or non-latin characters, basically meaning that they can send emails to people who have these types of characters in their email addresses and receive emails from them as well. Google has made the change applicable as of today and has also mentioned on their blog about this change that Google Calendar for the web is soon to be updated with this compatibility as well. This may not effect most of us, but nonetheless it's nice to see Google taking the steps to make this possible.

Google points out that they are looking forward to also making it an option to use these types of characters to create Gmail accounts in the future, which would allow new users to Gmail to create email addresses using these characters within the address name. Google seems to be priming Gmail to accept this change in the future when ever that may be, although since that capability isn't yet available, it merely means that Google has more open availability to accept emails and send emails to individuals with email accounts from other services that do support those characters within the address name.

It'll still be a ways to go Google says before the email creation with non-latin characters and accented characters can be achieved, but they were ready to take the "first step" in moving towards this possibility and ultimately move towards a truly global email experience allowing for an easier connection with others around the world. This announcement comes on the heals of Google's addition of 13 new languages supported inside of Gmail, another change that was needed and greatly appreciated by many different users. Will this cause a mad dash to snatch up some emails with these new supported characters once Google enables them for Gmail account creation in the future? Probably, so that means you'd best start thinking about the account names you want now so you're prepared for the exact moment that Google announces the feature going live.

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