Goat Simulator Is Ramming Its Way Onto Android In The Future

goat simulator

Had enough of these terrible Goat Simulator clones and knock offs invading your Android experience and ruining the overall image? Us too. Death to the impostors we say. Thankfully, it looks like the team behind the one and only Original Goat Simulator that was previously released onto Steam earlier this year for PC, Mac, and Linux computers, are bringing their awesome game to Android so you can experience the greatness of simulating a goat on the go. For anyone who has never seen Goat Simulator in action, the game is largely about one thing, taking your goat, which you play, and basically just doing all sorts of wild and crazy things with it like ramming it into cars and buildings, knocking people over and otherwise just causing havoc.

The game is full of bugs which has led to some rather funny antics and hilarious situations within the game, and the team at Coffee Stain Studios has acknowledged the bugs but has also said that they chose to leave them in for reasons being that it makes the game funnier and more enjoyable. Truly, we thank you Coffee Stain, because Goat Simulator is what it is in part due to the bugs. It wouldn’t be the same without them. Coffee Stain Studios outed the revelation this morning via Twitter, but they left out any details on release dates and pricing. We’d guess that it’ll cost anywhere between $4.99 and $9.99, as the Steam version of the game costs the latter.

While it most likely won’t get rid of the multitude of other games attempting to ride on the coattails of the original Goat Simulator, having the game officially ported to the platform will hopefully at least do well to put some of the rip-offs in a corner and cause them to disappear. Hopefully we’ll see this game hit the platform sooner than later, although it could very well be months and months before an actual release happens. With that said, it could also just as well show up in a couple of weeks, although we don’t expect that to happen given that no dates or prices were announced.