Gionee to Create a Smartphone Thinner than The 5.5mm Thick Elife S5.5



Thin smartphones have steadily become a "thing" over the past few years and in Asia, they're predictably more fashionable than they are here in the West. In parts of Asia, such as China and Japan, a thin smartphone can be a fashion statement, with technology such a large part of their lives. Here in the West though a thin smartphone doesn't always impress us, and often screams poor battery life and a compromise on specifications many of us just don't want to deal with. No matter though, as these devices continue to prove popular and Gionee, one of the bigger names when it comes to slimming smartphones down, appears set to introduce their thinnest smartphone yet.


The above teaser has surfaced from the company and as you can see it gives us a look at some notable thin smartphones over the years, like the Motorola Droid RAZR, which was a fairly impressive device when it launched a few years ago. Gionee's own Elife S5.5 however, takes things to a new level coming in at just 5.55mm thick, which is pretty admirable when you think about it. Thin devices however, often mean more compromise than anything else. Battery capacities are often smaller and the displays aren't as dense as other, thicker smartphones. If you're more in the business of purchasing devices that look good though, Gionee is a name that will be familiar to you.

According to rumor, Gionee is to ready a 5.0mm (or thereabouts) thick smartphone, which will of course be one of thinnest smartphones available. If Gionee do pull it off, it'll be interesting to see just what sort of specs and how big a battery this new device will feature. The device is still a way away from being officially introduced, so we'll have to wait and see if Gionee can once again deliver one of the world's thinnest smartphones. The question is though, does anyone really want such a thin smartphone that badly? Let me know your thoughts down below.

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