Galaxy Note Edge Trademarked by Samsung, Could be the 3-Sided Display Variant


Samsung's Galaxy Note lineup of phablets has been popular ever since the first device launched back in the Fall of 2011.  Arguably the phone that started the large phone craze, Samsung's Galaxy Note has moved from 5.3 inches all the way up to 5.7 inches with the Galaxy Note 3, and it looks like things might be changing for the Note 4 as well.  There's also looking to be a shakeup in the Note lineup, with a second tier of Galaxy Note phones making its way onto the market.  For a long time now we've seen Samsung show off its 3-sided YOUM display technology and have waited rather impatiently to see it in a production phone.  We've seen rumors for years now that the Galaxy Note series would be the one to receive this technology, and thus far have yet to see that materialize.  This year looks to be different, as that second tier of Galaxy Note phones should be making an appearance.

Furthering the rumors that have been circulating about a new tier of Galaxy Note phones, Samsung just trademarked the name "Galaxy Note Edge" on August 8th, leading us to believe this is in fact the 3-sided Galaxy Note model we've been waiting for.  We're as sure as we can get when it comes to the Galaxy Note 4 being similar the Galaxy Note 3 with a significant horsepower increase and a new back, and we even know that Samsung will be announcing it officially on September 3rd much like it has in previous years.


This new trademark helps solidify several rumors that have existed for a while now, and gets us pretty excited about the possibilities of what this device could bring.  Many have struggled to find a good reason to have a 3-sided display where the display is not only on the front of the device but also folded over the edges, but Samsung has shown some pretty compelling ideas when it comes to this display technology.  We've also got to remember that the Galaxy Note series is Samsung's true flagship series and the series where they try most of the new tricks first, so we're pretty confident that Samsung is going to wow everyone when they push this to the market in the next few weeks and months.


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